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10 Best Deck Chairs

With British summer comes skewered food, festivals galore and approximately two seconds of sunshine (though, if the past week is anything to go by, we’ll be eating our words). No sooner has the temperature reached soaring heights of 18C are we outdoors en-masse, relishing in those few fleeting rays. The beach is understandably a hotspot, as are gardens and parks, but what with our haste to head outside, are we forgetting a key element of our enjoyment?

Not only are deckchairs iconic of summer beside the British seaside, they’re also pretty handy gadgets, too. Often easily transportable, their collapsible design allows for manoeuvring between back-garden and beach with no trouble at all, making your outside soirées far more comfortable and therefore, much more pleasant. But with so many on offer, which should you hedge your bets on? We tested some of the best (in situ, thanks to the recent heatwave), taking into consideration their comfort, portability, durability and overall appearance – plus practicalities such as how easy they are to clean and care for.

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